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Impressionist art: Buy Bar at the Follies Bergere at
Bar at the Follies Bergere
by Edouard Manet
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The French Impressionists were the first artists to use pure color instead of value (that is, the amount of light or dark) to create form (shape and three-dimensionality of objects) in their paintings. They did not mix their colors on the palette as other artists did, but used brushstrokes of pure color which are effectively mixed by the eye (and brain) of the viewer. This creates an extremely vibrant effect which is excellent for capturing the nuances of light and rapid changes in daylight and atmosphere. Although the paintings of John Constable and JMW Turner captured changing light they did not develop the French Impressionists specific use of colors, however they did pave the way for this.

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Moulin de la Galette
by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
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Edouard Manet was the first to use an 'Impressionist approach' to painting, however his method was developed in particular by Claude Monet (1840 - 1926). For more on Monet click here. Monet became the leader of the French Impressionist school of painting, which held its first exhibition in 1874. One of Monet's paintings in the exhibition, Impression: Soleil Levant ('Impression: Sunrise') was used by a newspaper journalist in a ridiculing article about the exhibition to describe the movement disparagingly as 'Impressionism'. For more on Impression: Sunrise and the naming of the movement, click here.

The main French Impressionist painters who worked and exhibited together are Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, Berthe Morisot, Camille Pissarro, Frédéric Bazille and Armand Guillaumin. Paul Cézanne and Edgar Degas also painted in the Impressionist style in the early 1870's, while Edouard Manet, having strongly influenced the main Impressionists during the 1860s, also took up the Impressionist style in the early 1870's. Below we present a list of links and sample images for the French Impressionists.

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Blue Dancers
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The Bathers
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Le Loing a Saint-Mammes
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